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    1. [Gordey]   (07.04.2013 11:25)
    Hi, everybody!
    Thanks for attention to our products.
    I use the translator Google therefore I will try to write simply that there were no mistakes.
    Before synthesizers were publicly published, they were used in writing of music which didn't apply for wide popularity.
    It is simply favourite music for itself.
    At the beginning of March, 2013 on a site 2 synthesizers were laid out, and in April The Grey Apparatus was presented.
    The first synthesizers were made in 2009, all of them were involved in my music. But employment by music didn't leave time for completion of work on synthesizers. Now more than 10 synthesizers will be made. They are almost ready.
    The site was open, on it I placed three last files.
    After files were placed on a download page, I checked, whether normally they are downloaded.
    When downloading there was an automatic prevention "Attention! This file can contain viruses."
    It was unpleasant for me because could frighten users therefore I wrote - "This file doesn't contain viruses".
    I placed these files on a site, and I can't risk contents of the computer. Therefore, I carefully watch its purity.
    Creatorum Genius has three sites, but only two of them work - on what there is a link from news, and its English mirror. The third site isn't supported.
    Old files on this site can be non-working because uCoz hosting repeatedly modernized the system, is constant it changing. It could affect links to old files. Probably, I will close this site.
    New sites work well.
    Now I checked operability of The Grey Apparatus - it works normally.
    Unfortunately, I haven't enough time quickly to react to unclear accidents, but I will try to do everything honestly and accurately.
    The best regards all!
    Gordey Arche, project manager of Creatorum Genius Lab.

    2. Gordey   (07.04.2013 14:48)
    Все ссылки хорошо работают.
    Выложена музыка, можно качать альбомами.

    3. Andrew   (22.05.2013 13:53) E-mail
    Thank you very much for these amazing synths biggrin

    4. [Gordey]   (24.05.2013 09:54)
    Let these synthesizers will be useful to you in your creativity!

    5. Valentin Zechiu   (05.09.2013 19:42)
    Hi CGL,

    Congratz for releasing "The Grey Apparatus 2" and for the built in "reskin" option (clever) smile
    Here are 5 skins that I've created for your synth: http://www.mediafire.com/download/gpnw4pl2x8esqpb/THE_GREY_APPARATUS_SKINS_-_by_V.Z.rar

    I hope you like 'em smile Feel free to use them smile

    All the best & looking forward to your future releases smile

    6. [Gordey]   (10.09.2013 19:33)
    Hi Valentin Zechiu!
    Thank you very much for the wonderful skins!
    It is on this response I had hoped for when brought into the scheme synthesizer change possibility. Like the one that comes with Oatmeal and Sylenth1. Your skins are wonderful, they have something that is not in my skins because of the seriousness of my character, they have a sense of joy and lightness.
    I'll put them on the site CGL.
    Project CGL. just beginning to develop, the search for directions on how things will go further, independent, able to finish the started synthesizers, which are about 50 pieces.
    I hope for continuing to work with you, this is a very interesting and fruitful stage in the development of the project.
    Sincerely yours, Gordey Arche.

    7. Railhammer   (16.01.2014 06:44)
    Hey guyz!

    You did a great job! Very nice plugins!
    How much they cost if i want to use them for commercial use?


    8. Creatorum Genius   (16.01.2014 09:48)
    Hi Railhammer!
    You would like to use our synths in your music, or have a commercial interest?
    I suggest you determine for yourself the value of our products.
    Nevertheless, the main difficulty - a transfer of money in Russia. Creatorum Genius Lab
    has no bank account. All transfers were made through the subscriber's account
    replenishment on our phone.
    Our address this: (picture)

    9. Andrey   (27.12.2014 15:12) E-mail
    Наткнулся случайно на Ваш сайт. Спасибо. А как вы пишете плагины? очень интересно, тоже хотел бы попробовать.
    В Интернете есть сотни VST инструментов. В каждом есть в основном несколько достойных звуков. Как можно из общего
    списка убрать лишние? Как поменять оболочку синтезатора? Можно ли в моём любимом Korg Wavestation увеличить
    громкость, а то приходится при записи переводить в аналог, и только уже потом. Может порекомендуете что почитать по теме?
    Извините за наглость.


    10. Creatorum Genius   (25.01.2015 00:50)
    Да, Wavestation негромкий, но весьма разнообразный, это его плюс.
    Чтобы усилить звук, можно в цепочку эффектов обработки вставить бустер или гейн, можно эквалайзером уровень поднять, в нём же есть отдельно "volume".
    Можно в цепочку друг за другом поставить два одинаковых эквалайзера, если звук действительно слишком тихий. Только осторожнее, всякое усиление может дать искажение.
    Лучше уж, изначально остальные инструменты держать в пределах 60-80 процентов от максимума, тогда тихий инструмент можно выдвинуть вперёд на их фоне.
    А потом уже, при окончательном сведении (и после него) добиваться плотного звука.

    11. Creatorum Genius   (25.01.2015 00:58)
    Попробуйте семплер HighLife http://www.discodsp.com/
    он позволяет набрать любимых звуков в один банк, достаточно похожий на оригинальные пресеты. Хорошая вещь.
    Скоро и тут будут наши новые бета-версии.

    12. Frank Hole   (11.06.2016 13:32) E-mail
    Hallo Creatorum Genius,

    ich finde das VSTI A Window to Europe sehr gut gelungen und würde es gerne nutzen, um Teile eines Films (kommerziell) damit zu vertonen.

    Wie kann ich mit euch direkt Kontakt aufnehmen, damit wir ins Geschäft kommen können?

    Schöne Grüße von Frank Hole

    13. Creatorum Genius   (31.07.2016 20:24) E-mail
    Hallo Frank Hole

    A Window to Europe is royalty free

    14. ScottLew   (12.01.2017 19:12) E-mail
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    15. Kennethobecy   (25.01.2017 14:39) E-mail
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